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About Us
JTT & PARTNERS was established in June 2000 by John Truong. We're a full service firm serving the architectural and model making industry. Our services consist of Architectural services, Modeling service, and Model supplies.

JTT & PARTNERS is a young and energetic group of Architects, Landscape Architects, and Professional Model Builder who graduated from Grad School of Architecture at UCLA and Cal Poly Pomona. With multi-disciplinary minds, we come together to provide professional services.

JTTmicroscale is our manufacturing department. We manufacture over 800 items on scenery products and model parts such as: Miniature Tree, Armature, Turf & Ground Foam, Gravel & Ballast, Skylights, Basswood, Human Figure, Automobile, Street Furniture... for Model Railroading, Architectural Model, and Movie Scenic. We also custom made your orders on Miniature Trees.

JTTtree is the world finest miniature tree for model making industries.
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Architectural Modeling
Architectural Design
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Large format Ploting
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