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JTT Grassland and Flowering Meadow NEW!
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JTTtree - World's Finest Miniature Trees for Architectural & Hobby Models
SCENERY PRODUCTS MANUFACTURER - We had over 1000 products for vary modelers: Model railroader, Architectural Modeler, Landscape Architect, Railroad Layout, Doll House, Model Trains, and Dioramas Model.
JTT model tree available in sizes from 1/2" to 18" tall, perfect for all scale from Z to G scale. Hundred of thousands trees sold worldwide serving the architectural, hobby and movies industry.

        JTT Product-packaging, News Products, Most sell items

Grape Vines
New 2012!

Apple Saplings
New 2012!

Wild Grassland
New 2012!

Yellow Flowering Meadow
New 2012!

Apple Tree Grove
New 2012!

Pro-Elite Gum Tree
New N, HO, O scale

Pro-Elite Downy Birch
Most realistic!

Pro-Elite Redwood
Top sell item!

Pro-Elite Copper Beech
New Series!

Pro-Elite Cypress
New Series!

Super Scenic Sycamore
Best Deal

Beech Tree
New, Best Sell Species

Phoenix Palm
Top sell Palm tree!

Scenic Pine Tree
Bulk Box Z, N, HO, S&O scale

Scenic Spruce Tree
New 2012!

Scenic Snow Pine Tree
Available: Z, N, HO, S&O scale

Top Sell items!

Spanish Tile
2 sheets for $5.95

Field Stone
Embossed Styrene Sheet

Fern NEW
New 2013! Only at JTT

Cattails NEW
New 2013, works well with Lily Pads

Rose Vines
New 2013! bendable

Sunflower NEW!
Top Sell 2012!

Corn Stalks
Best sell item!

Cabbages and Lettuces
New 2013, only at JTT

Lily Pads NEW
New 2013, only at JTT

Pumpkin Plants
New 2013! Only at JTT

Broccolies and Cauliflowers
New 2013! Handmade



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